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“International Journal of Mine Water”

Volume 5, Number 4, December 1986

PDFDaw, G. P. & Pollard, C. A. (1986): Grouting for Ground Water Control in Underground Mining. – Int. J. Mine Water, 5 (4): 1-40, 16 fig., 5 tab.; Madrid.

PDFKipko, E. J. (1986): Water Control by integrated Grouting Method in Mining. – Int. J. Mine Water, 5 (4): 41-47, 1 tab.; Madrid.

PDFStraskraba, V. (1986): Ground Water Recovery Problems Associated with Open Pit reclamation on the Western U.S.A. – Int. J. Mine Water, 5 (4): 49-56; Madrid.

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IMWA and the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in Xuzhou/China signed a Memorandum of Understanding about future co-operation. In addition, CUMT explained that they are interested in hosting the IMWA 2014 Congress.