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“International Journal of Mine Water”

Volume 4, Number 1, March 1985

PDFKaden, S., Luckner, L., Peukert, D. & Tiemer, K. (1985): Decision Support Model Systems for Regional Water Policies in Open-Pit Lignite Mining Areas. – Int. J. Mine Water, 4 (1): 1-16, 4 fig.; Madrid.

PDFSingh, G. & Rawat, N. S. (1985): Removal of Trace Elements from Acid Mine Drainage. – Int. J. Mine Water, 4 (1): 17-23, 2 fig., 4 tab.; Madrid.

PDFPolozov, J. A. & Popov, I. V. (1985): Grouting of Porous Aquifers During Shaft Sinking. – Int. J. Mine Water, 4 (1): 25-31, 3 fig., 1 tab.; Madrid.

PDFPolozov, J. A., Spichak, J. N. & Lagunov, V. A. (1985): Advanced Grouting of 960-m-Level Shaft Station in Nagolchanskaya Mine. – Int. J. Mine Water, 4 (1): 33-42, 5 fig.; Madrid.

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