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“International Journal of Mine Water”

Volume 2, Number 4, December 1983

PDFLloyd, J. W., Rushton, K. R. & Jones, P. A. (1983): An Assessment of Groundwater Inflow into Proposed Shaft and Drift in the Warwickshire Coalfield Using Packer Test data in an Electrical Analogue Model. - Int. J. Mine Water, 2 (4): 1-18, 7 fig., 7 tab.; Granada.

PDFAston, T. R. C., Singh, R. N. & Whittaker, B. N. (1983): The Effect of Test Cavity Geology on the In Situ Permeability of Coal Measures Strata Associated with Longwall Mining. - Int. J. Mine Water, 2 (4): 19-34, 3 fig., 3 tab.; Granada.

PDFFernández-Rubio, R. & Singh, R. N. (1983): Slope Stabilisation Using Advance Dewatering Techniques in a Large Opencast Mine in North-Western Spain. - Int. J. Mine Water, 2 (4): 35-51, 12 fig., 5 tab.; Granada.

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Mine Water is the single largest waste stream in the world – IMWA members ensure that this Waste is managed in an environmentally friendly way.