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“International Journal of Mine Water”

Volume 1, Number 2, June 1982

PDFMele, L. M., Prodan, P. F. & Schubert, J. P. (1982): Characterisation of Runoff Water from Coalwaste Disposal Sites in South Western Illinois. - Int. J. Mine Water, 1(2): 1-14, 4 fig., 2 tab.; Granada.

PDFSammarco, O. (1982): Flood detection in mines using gas concentration anomalies in the air ventilation system. - Int. J. Mine Water, 1(2): 15-18, 2 fig.; Granada.

PDFDietz, H. K. O. (1982): Apects of Advanced Grouting during Shaft Sinking in South Africa. - Int. J. Mine Water, 1(2): 19-28, 7 fig., 2 tab.; Granada.

PDFRawat, N. S. & Singh, G. (1982): The role of Micro-Organisms in the Formation of Acid Mine Drainage in the North Eastern Coal Field of India. - Int. J. Mine Water, 1(2): 29-36, 4 fig., 3 tab.; Granada.

PDFAtkins, A. S. & Singh, R. N. (1982): A Study of Acid and Ferruginous Mine Water in Coal Mining Operations. - Int. J. Mine Water, 1(2): 37-57, 10 fig., 2 tab.; Granada.

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Not all mines produce Acid Mine Drainage or Acid Rock Drainage - in many cases the drainage water quality is very good.