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“International Journal of Mine Water”

Volume 2, Number 3, September 1983

PDFLoveday, P. F., Atkins, A. S. & Aziz, N. I. (1983): The Problem of Australian Underground Coal Mining Operations in Water Catchment Areas. - Int. J. Mine Water, 2(3): 1-15, 5 fig., 1 tab.; Granda.

PDFFarmer, I. W. & Jennings, D. H. (1983): Effect of Strata Permeability on the Radial Hydrostatic Pressures on Mine Shaft Linings. - Int. J. Mine Water, 2(3): 17-24, 3 fig., 2 tab.; Granda.

PDFAkesson, J.-A. (1983): A Study of Geohydrological and Rock Engineering Environment at Lappvattnet Experimental Mine. - Int. J. Mine Water, 2(3): 25-38, 7 fig., 1 tab.; Granda.

PDFFernández-Rubio, R., Botín, J. A. & Lavandeira, A. (1983): Hydrogeological Investigation and Drainage Infrastructure at Underground Zinc and Lead Troya Mine (Gipuzkoa, Spain). - Int. J. Mine Water, 2(3): 39-56, 20 fig.; Granda.

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Not all mines produce Acid Mine Drainage or Acid Rock Drainage - in many cases the drainage water quality is very good.